Whitepaper: How to Reduce Motor Size

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Executive Summary

Today’s challenge is to make electronic applications smaller, cheaper and more accurate. PCBMotor builds accurate and high resolution, motors directly onto the PCB itself.

In addition to a world of new design opportunities, this new motor technology significantly reduces the size, building height and cost of applications while maintaining a high torque motor without slack.

Are these challenges relevant to you?

  • Do you have an electronic application that requires movement?
  • Would you like to integrate several motors directly onto a single printed circuit board?
  • Do you need precise control of a lens, valve, laser, mirror, pointer or the like?
  • Does your system require high resolution and high holding torque with no power?
  • Would you like to reduce the height of your application or otherwise improve the look-and-feel of your product?

If your answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘yes’, then a PCBMotor will help you reach your goals – innovatively and profitably.

Get a competitive advantage and increase your profit margin

  • Make your application smaller by integrating motion and all electronics into one printed circuit board.
  • Reduce your bill of materials – PCBMotor’s direct drive eliminates the need for gears.
  • Innovate using the unique and ultra-slim form factor of the PCBMotor.
  • Since the piezo components for the PCBMotor are SMD-mounted directly on the PCB, you further reduce your bill of materials by eliminating screws, wires, connectors and manual assembly.

Start a new revenue stream, now!

What to do next

We realize that you’re probably gathering information and have questions you need answered.

Send an email with your questions to Henrik, hso@pcbmotor.com, or to arrange for an assessment of your application’s requirements…no strings attached!

Email Henrik…mail

We’ve also developed several ready-to-go evaluation kits to help people with different application requirements start prototyping with PCBMotors.
See our website for an overview of our Evaluation kits…


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