Video: 30mm diameter motor (100 sequences)

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30mm motor with 230g load

30mm motor with 230g loadWe recently made the following test setup for one of our customers who required a ‘loaded’ motor to perform a specific rotational sequence.

The motor used for the test is our 30mm PCBMotor w/100-Line Encoder  – modified with a 400-line encoder.

The test result was that the 30mm diameter motor with a load of 230g easily performed the required ‘100 sequences’ and came back to the exact starting point.

The codewheel has 399 lines/rev., so the sequence was as follows:

  • step66,delay1000,s66,d1000,s66,d1000,s66,d1000,s66,d1000,s69,d1000,step-399,d1000,xrepeat100

The first x100 sequences are without load and the last are with 230g. The speed is approximately 0.7 rps (without load) and 0.3 rps with the 230g load.

Play the video below and see the motor during the test…