White Paper: Design Rules & Layout Guidelines

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Download the complete white paper about our piezoelectric motorsDiscover how our innovative technology can improve the design, weight & height of your end-product

Many customers like to keep the development data of their application to themselves. We offer a simple design package (free of charge), enabling you to design PCBMotor by yourself.

By signing up you’ll get a (one) standard layout for a 30mm stator as well as Design Guidelines for designing your own PCBMotor and some of our other layout design options.

Fast-track your project – once you’re familiarized with the Design Guidelines – by selecting our standard, ready-to-use stators (in diamters spanning 20 to 90 mm).

See our product range here…

All standard stators now come in a square footprint where you can break off and use the ‘jigsaw stator’ in your own printed circuit board design.

This means that you can allocate the space needed on your board yourself. And, in the ramp phase, you can simply chose pre-manufactured stators and mount them directly onto your own PCB board, so you can focus on getting your application up and running.