About PCBMotor

Motion control solution and Business model

PCBMotor offers  simple yet advanced motion control solution which enable our customers to increase the number of products sold by being able to improve the (low) speed and high resolution achievable in their motion control applications.

They implement a small Piezo Motor directly onto a printed circuit board. This motor has a high resolution, hollow center, low weight and building height, off-power holding torque and, with it’s automated assembly process, lowers their Bill of Materials.

PCBMotor’s core business model is to operate as a OEM vendor for complete motors. For high volume customers deliveries of subassembly,  stator and drivers can be agreed.

To facilitate our customer’s time-to-market, our design services for customization our engineers resources include Electronic Hardware & Firmware, Mechanical and Software skills enabling fast and swift prototyping for complete motor solutions.

Management Team

henrik CEO Henrik Stæhr-Olsen, is the former CFO at GIGA/Intel. Henrik has more than 25 years of experience from various enterprises as CFO, General Manager and CEO.
ej-th CTO Eivind Johansen, is the former CTO of Giga/Intel, and an Intel Fellow (VP level), Eivind has more than 25 years experience as chip design manager.
he-th Production Manager Henning Ellesgaard, is the former Director of Production at GIGA/Intel. Henning brings, more than 25 years experience with him from electronic and chip manufacturing.
sh-th Legal & Administration task are handled by Søren Holmark. Søren has practiced law since 1993 and was an attorney for NKT (parent company of Giga) from 1997 to 2003. He brings to PCBMotor comprehensive experience in business contracts and valuable negotiations skills.