30mm motor with 230g load

Video: 30mm diameter motor (100 sequences)

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We recently made the following test setup for one of our customers who required a ‘loaded’ motor to perform a specific rotational sequence. The motor used for the test is our 30mm PCBMotor w/100-Line Encoder  – modified with a 400-line encoder. The test result was that the 30mm diameter motor with a load of 230g easily […]

High resolution twin motor kit

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A low-cost prototyping environment Here’s a video of our High Resolution Twin Motor Kit in action. With 2.6 million equivalent steps/revolution, this kit includes a main motor board, placed upon a controller board, and free PCBMotor software for speedy integration and application prototyping. Feel free to comment and ‘like’ on our Youtube channel if you found it […]

Hollow Center & through-hole devices (piezo video)

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Does your application require an open/free center or shaft? The video below highlights how our technology can be used to design and build unique through-hole motor solutions. Feel free to pass this on to your colleagues and friends by sharing/liking this video below…http://clicktotweet.com/jJbs8

Integrating multiple PCBMotors

Introducing piezo motor technology

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Low-cost, ultrasonic piezomotor technology Our PCBMotor introduction video gives you a clear and interesting insight into our innovative piezo technology. If you’re interested in high resolution, low-speed motor solutions for applications requiring a slimline, low-cost end-products then watch this vi… Feel free to comment and ‘like’ on our Youtube channel if you have any questions or […]

Slimline Motors for Instrument Panels, Gauges & Meters

Motors for instrument clusters, interior displays & panels

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New technology for gauges & meters Do you have a meter, gauge, instrument board or cluster application? Are size, space, weight and thickness important issues to your final product? The video below shows how we use our PCBMotor platform to produce motors for a wide range of guage/meter applications within the automotive, marine and aviation industries. […]

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All our videos – here in one place

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Join our growing Youtube community This is a list of all our video’s and other media. It’s designed to be an inspiration to new visitors and technology researchers alike, as well as a Help Guide to our existing customers, partners and suppliers.   Subscribe to our Youtube channel and join our growing community to stay in […]