SMD Piezo Components…Looking for piezo ceramic SMD components?


Customized piezos for batch & volume production

Delivering both standard and custom-made high quality piezoceramics we can meet your performance characteristics. Our piezoelectric ceramic components will be the defining factor for your application’s Bill of Materials and success.

THE CHALLENGE Do you need a high quality SMD piezo components for your application?SMD Piezos for your application’s requirements

  • Cut to any size
  • Delivered on blue foil, tape & reel, in bulk, etc.
  • Many different materials & coatings
  • Polarization markings
  • A multitude of performance/profile characteristics


  • Sonar
  • Actuator


Accurate, precise and affordable piezoceramics?


Standard Piezo ComponentsAvailable on tape & reel or in smaller batches & ready for immediate use in precision positioning applications. Get samples…


Customized Piezo Components Available on tape & reel or in smaller batches and ready for immediate use. Send us your specs…

An ultrasonic, rotary piezo motor with high resolution and holding torque is available. A solution that is ideal for devices that need to integrate electronics and mechanical motion and drive smaller, more compact motors.

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