What are the advantages of a PCBMotor compared to a stepper motor?

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By driving the integration of the motor (including electronics) into the PCB itself, we’re facilitating the design of smaller, cheaper and faster applications.

  • PCBMotor uses less space and material.
  • Electronics (driver) and mechanics (motor) are mounted directly on the PCB – so it’s totally flat and without gears and connections.
  • PCB enables more design flexibility – multiple motors can be mounted on one board.
  • PCBMotor is a non-magnetic device.
  • PCBMotor can generate more power and torque at a lower speed (without gears) than an electric motor of comparable size.
  • PCBMotor has faster start/stop than electrical motors – giving more accuracy to the application.

We’ve actually a written a white paper highlighting the main differences between PCBMotor technology and Stepper motors. Sign up for free and discover:

  • Major differences between stepper motors and PCBMotors
  • Top 5 Pains electronic movement designers & engineers have
  • Top 5 Gains you can achieve by employing a PCBMotor
  • Motor performance results: Lifetime; Torque-Speed-Power; Torque Precision Correlation