Integration - Multiple Motors on one board

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Are you looking to slash your bill of materials ?

Then take a few minutes to review the newest motion control technology on the market – The PCBMotor.

Our platform uses industry-standard components and fully-automated assembly methods that have been in use for decades and combines two, tried and proven technologies – piezoelectric components and the PCB.

The result is an ultrasonic, rotary piezoelectric motor.

Does your electronic application require:

  • high resolution with a constant and high holding torque?
  • lower production costs and bill of materials (BOM)?
  • an improvement in the end-product’s look-and-feel, weight and height?
  • direct drive and low RPM?

Combining the best of both worlds

Our platform ensures that your movement application is optimized with the best features of both (PCB and piezoelectric motor) technologies.

We’ll work with you to design and build a mechanical solution (prototype) with the features required by your end product.

Key features:

  • Ultra-high resolution up to 2.6 mill. micropulses/revolution, or 0.5 arc seconds
  • High holding torque (100%) without power
  • Direct drive, LOW RPM without slack
  • No gears, wiring
  • Built-in clutch, tamper proof
  • Non-magnetic
  • Fast start & stop actions
  • Optional position sensor
  • Fully integrated onto FR4 PCB
  • Compact design (low profile & weight) – unique form factor


Our customers are manufacturers of motion control systems and precision positioning applications spanning a wide array of industries:


  • RF Filter, Duplexer adjustments
  • Frequency reconfiguring

High Resolution Twin Motor Kit Lead Screw for RF Filters DuplexersSlimline 8mm, High Resolution Twin Motor Kit Lead Screw


  • Microscope focus
  • Dosing equipment

Medical, Analysis Slimline motor, low building height

Optics & Lasers

  • Hollow center solutions (up to 90mm)
  • Hollow shaft motors

hollow-shaft-motor through-hole-device-60mm


  • Focus
  • Pan, tilt & zoom

   Lenses, Cameras


  • Dashboard pointers, Instrument clusters
  • Meters/ Gauges
  • Positioning stages
  • Laboratory equipment

Instrument Clusters, Gauges, Analog Meters


  • Valve applications
Valve Motor Application

Total design flexibility

See some of the application design examples and layouts possible with our unique piezomotor technology.  We’ve organized them in our e-store under the following areas:

We also have a great (and expanding) archive of designs,  layouts and images that will give you an idea of the numerous options available with our technology. Take a look around. It might just be the inspiration you need to solve your next design.

As always, feel free to drop us a line if you’ve any questions.

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