Multi motors, Hollow center Motors, Tunable filter motors, camera motors etc


OEM Products

OEM'S examples and customized versions

  • Camera - 70mm stator


    A customized 70 mm diameter stator based on customer specifications for a camera application.

  • Camera - 90mm stator


    A customized 90 mm diameter stator based on customer specifications for a camera application

  • Leadscrew/Spindle - 20mm


    20mm Spindle/Lead Screw Motor with encoder and position sensor. Image A close-up profile shot of the leadscrew (note the position sensor to the right on the base plate)

  • Multiple Motors (x5)


    Five (5) motors positioned on a "dual-layer design". All motors are 25 mm in diameter and positioned on the upper and lower decks. The motors are controlled by one integrated driver placed on the center board in a sandwhich-type construction - based on customer requirement.

  • Multiple Motors (x8)


    8 motors positioned on a \"one-layer design\". All motors are 20 mm in diameter with one integrated driver based on customer specifications.

  • PCBMotor Gauge - Instrument Cluster - Meters


    A piezo motor application for manufacturers of precision instrument clusters, meters, interior displays & panels. For engineers, designers, product managers in the automotive, aviation, instrumentation industries. A digital gauge motor offering more design options and flexibility at your fingertips reduction in costs of materials and assembly the ability to capture market share and increase profit Reduce the dimensions and manufacturing costs of your applications LOWER OVERALL BU...

  • PCBMotor Turntable


    PCBMotor Turntable Includes encoder and position sensor. Speed (revolutions/sec.) depends on the size and weight on the bearing. Moment of Intertia Using an aluminum disc of 210 mm in diameter, 8.5 mm thick, weighing 1kg, and with an engine with 10 Nmm torque, will take 3.5 seconds to reach 1 revolution per second. If the disc is 100 mm in diameter, 37 mm thick, and the same weight (1 Kg), it will take 0.8 seconds to reach 1 revolution per second.

  • Single Motor


    A single 30 mm diameter stator motor and integrated driver based on customer specifications constructed in a "