PCBMotor Focus unit for C-Mount Cameras

PCBMotor dual hollow center motor for back to back mounted lenses

What are more streamlined optical devices worth to your customers?

Our customers increase the number of products sold by being able to improve the design and performance of their optical devices. They’re developing accurate, hollow-center optic devices via a small, precision motor so their customers can achieve even higher resolution positioning at a lower cost.

Do you need a hollow-center motor for a laser, optical, or a focus device with

  1. A more compact, low-profile design

    Hollow-Center Motors for Optics Devices

    PCBMotor Hollow center motor with low building height.

  2. Through-hole/hollow center movement
  3. A focus unit for any diameter and for any travel
  4. High resolution
  5. High holding torque without power

If so, then watch the videos below,  download the white paper and evaluate our technology today!

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An ultrasonic, rotary piezo motor with high resolution and holding torque is available. A solution that is ideal for devices that need to integrate electronics and mechanical motion and drive smaller, more compact motors.

What if the motor for your device could be produced in a fraction of the time…and cost?

PCBMotor Focus unit for C-Mount Camera. Ideal for Vision systems.

Tell your project team, PCBMotor technology delivers

  • The focus unit can be made in any diameter, and the mechanical part of the focus unit can be designed in such a way that it can hold any kind of lens.
  • The focus unit can be made with any travel length
  • Maximum focus lens diameter for a given size of a PCBMotor can be achieve when the focus unit is mounted on top of the PCBmotor.
  • As an alternative it is possible to have the focus unit to be placed inside the hollow center in the PCBMotor which enable that the focus lens can be close to the camera chips or other optical lenses, which enables an overall lower building height.
  • A PCBmotor keeps it is possible when power is switched off
  • A position sensor can be added to enable high precision in the application
  • Full holding torque
  • Simplified, automated assembly processes
  • Fast, risk-free prototyping

… reducing your BOM and increasing profits!  See more details here for PCBMotor focus units for C-Mount Cameras