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Piezo Technology That Beats Electromagnetic Motors

Evaluate PCBmotor technology - piezo components & PCB
Start your research with relevant information designed to get you up to speed with our piezo motor PCB technology and then test it with your colleagues.

Our Promise

  • Free information & white papers
  • Affordable, full-featured evaluation kits
  • 6-Month money back guarantee on evaluation kit
  • Easy transition into a totally risk-free prototype phase
    • Free engineering consultancy when moving into prototype dev.
    • Free assessment of your requirements specifications



arrow-blueLearn About Our Technology

Our Quick-Start Technology Presentation is a compact, high-level introduction into our piezo motor technology. It discusses everything from applications that can utilize it, its advantages and features through to design aspects and performance results.

Next, sign up for our white paper(s) by clicking on the pdf links below and discover:

    • How to reduce production costs
    • The ‘Top 5 Pains’ application designers have
    • New motor design possibilities
    • Lifetime, torque, precision correlation results


I An Engineer’s Guide to Building Applications with PCBMotor
II How to Solve High Resolution and Low Speed Motion Control Dilemmas
III Design Rules & Layout Guidelines



High Resolution Twin Motor Kit

High Resolution Twin Motor Kit

Turn, Touch & Test

After you’ve completed your background research, your next step is to test an evaluation kit and see for yourself. We recommend the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit as it has the full array of features for testing.





After you’re familiar with how our technology works and have had the chance to evaluate it ‘in real life’, the next stage is to develop a working prototype with a PCBMotor solution integrated into your application.

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