White Paper: An Engineer’s Guide to Building Applications with PCBMotor

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Download the complete white paper about our piezoelectric motorsDownload now and learn more about our traveling wave and piezomotor technology.


Previously known as and replacing “An Engineers Guide to Building Applications With PCBMotor”, this white paper includes a host of new and updated informationas well as motor performance results.

Download it now and discover how to:

  1. Leverage patented technology for revolutionary surface-mounted piezo motors
  2. Add new technology knowledge to your company, and develops skills
  3. Build innovative, leading-edge products
  4. Implements ultra-slim designs not possible with conventional motors
  5. Reduce application-size by integrating motion, driver and electronics on the same printed circuit board
  6. Increase profit margins

Bonus information

Also included are the following offers at no extra cost

  • Control driver schematic
  • Extract of F.A.Q’s
  • Price list for Piezo components
  • Patent information
  • Free 30-minute Consulting
  • Design Rules & layout