Slimline Motors for Instrument Panels, Gauges & Meters
…how to capture market share & improve profits


What are lighter, thinner, more affordable gauges worth to your customers?

Our customers increase the number of products sold by being able to improve the design and performance of their meters, gauges and analog panels. They’re developing accurate, instruments with movement via a small, precision motor so their customers can achieve even smoother positioning at a lower cost.

Are you designing gauges, panels or instruments and looking for a motor that’s:

  • 50% slimmer?
  • 4 times lighter?
  • 50% cheaper?
  • got a much higher accuracy?
  • maintains holding torque without power?
Do you need a motor for a gauge or instrument panel with

  1. A more compact, lighter low-profile design
  2. Smooth and fast start/stop action
  3. High resolution
  4. High holding torque without power

If so, then grab our presentation (on the right) and begin evaluating our technology!


An ultrasonic, rotary piezo motor with high resolution and high holding torque is available. A solution that is ideal for devices that need to integrate electronics and mechanical motion and drive smaller, more compact motors.

What if the motor for your device could be produced in a fraction of the time…and cost?

Tell your project team, PCBMotor technology delivers

  • Full holding torque
  • Simplified, automated assembly processes
  • Fast, risk-free prototyping

… reducing your BOM and increasing profits!

Get our free presentation (right) and evaluate our technology today!