PCBMotor focus solution for camera and vision systems

PCBMotor Focus solution for M6, M8 & M12.

30mm PCBMotor S-mount Focus kit with 4mm travel - free aperture of 19mm

Focus motor for S-mount lenses (M12) with 200  steps position sensor and  integrated High Resolution driver. The focus unit, with motor and driver  is mounted on a 62x42x25 mm (LxWxH) .


Utilizing the same high-resolution controller as our Twin Motor kit, application engineers and designers can take advantage of and experience our record-breaking 2.6 million steps per revolution as well as full holding torque in power-off mode and a host of other features.

The high-resolution controller is easily connected to a PC and powered by a RX/TX to  USB cable. It communicates through a simple protocol that allows its custom-made software to quickly and easily access and control the motor. The high-resolution driver has built-in frequency tracking to automatically adjust the output for optimum performance according to motor size, operation temperature and load.


Technical features:

New focus unit project with the following preliminary specifications: See attached image Focus unit 4mm travel – 19mm free aperture.

4mm travel in 360 degree rotation in 0.65 sec (@ 400mA)

  • Fit  S-mount lenses (M12), adpater for M8 and M6 optional
  • Sensor step 200 equal to 20um accuracy which can be boosted micro pulses by a factor of 10x gives 2um resolution
  • Free aperture is 19mm
  • Physical dimensions are:
    • 62x42x25mm (LxWxH)
  • Driver:
    • 0 and 5V DC max 500mA
    • RX/TX and
    • TTL for start/stop, direction and sensor output.



  • 30 mm motor with focus unit for S-mount lens
  • RX/TX to USB connection cable
  • Free Terminal Emulator  software



The focus unit can be customised to fit specific lenses or range of lenses ranging from M6, to M12 and CS-mount lenses.

The actual form factor of the motor can also be customized for small cameras.

It will also be possible to customized a focus solution for cameras for C-mounts.

Just click on contact factor for project.


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  • fm-cut-side-view-end-position-250x188-jpg
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