PCBMotor focus unit for C-mount camera for Vision systems etc,


Technical features:

The PCBMotor focus has following preliminary specifications:

  • 4mm travel in less than 360 degree rotation with adjustable speed.
  • Fit  S-mount lenses (M12 - with lens head of Ø14mm) for 1/2" sensors, for example
    • F=4.2, f1.8
    • F=8.0, f1.6
    • F=12.0, f1.6
    • F=25.0, f2.4
  • Optional sensor and encoder for down to sub-mircon resolution
  • Physical dimensions are:
    • 62x42x27mm (LxWxH) - driver included.
  • Driver:
    • 0 and 5V DC max 500mA
    • USB A-male



  • PCBMotor focus unit for S-mount lens
  • USB connection cable with FTDI chip set to RX/TX on driver
  • Free Terminal Emulator  software
  • Camera board with 1/2" sensor, with USB connection



Form factor of the focus unit can be tailored to a any C-mount camera, and driver can be placed together with customer application electronics.

Travel length, speed,  resolution can be configured as part of a customization project.

Just click on contact factor for project.


  • pcbfocus_motor-on-c-mount-camera-top-view-w-driver-jpg
  • pcbfocus_motor-on-c-mount-camera-w-lenses-w-driver-jpg
  • pcbfocus_motor-on-c-mount-camera-side-view-w-driver-1-jpg
  • pcbfocus_motor-on-c-mount-camera-w-driver-1-jpg

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