Introducing the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit

twin motor kitOur newly-released twin motor kit is now available online. With two setup options, application engineers can now evaluate the PCBMotor in different application scenarios requiring high resolutions, either as an on-board and/or combined with an external motor.




Standard configuration

  • The main motor board consists of two 25 mm PCBMotors
  • 200/400 steps digital encoder for coarse positioning
  • Controller
    • Over 2.6 M resolutions/rev. with open-loop, micro-pulsing twin motor controller
    • On-board Opto switches for motor selection & multiplexing
    • 200 full steps or 400 half steps digital position sensor (user controlled settings)
  • Interface/Software
    • USB connector for PC control and power supply
    • Free PC controller software (Programmed in C)
  • Output
    • Ø25.4 mm top rotor discs with 2 mm holes for top-mounted devices
    • Rear end 4 mm steel shaft with a 2 mm internal thread for extensions


Figur 5 – High Resolution Twin Motor Kit Schematic


Twin images

Figur 6 – Images of the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit

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