The products listed in the groups below are NOT production units ready to be deployed into your product or application.

They’ve been designed solely as ‘ready to use’ demonstration motors for R&D, engineers and designers to research, test and evaluate our technology against the specific demands of their project.

Once you’ve ‘tested’ and learned how our technology works, and after a preliminary briefing together with our engineers to discuss your product’s design, specifications and anticipated volume, we can then supply your team with a more accurate quote.

The examples below are all plug’n play and, where stated, come complete with software and a host of features that highlight the very best of our PCB-Piezo innovation. But don’t take our word for it.
Browse the demo units below and decide for yourself the one that best fits your application…

Demo Motors with EncoderInstruments

Demo Motors with Encoder

We have an array of evaluation environments well-suited to a wide variety of precision positioning applications requiring high resolution, a digital encoder and position sensor on stators  ranging in diameter from 20-70 mm. All kits are ideal prototype development environments and come with the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit driver, free PCBMotor controller software and demonstrate full holding torque without power.

The main controller used in the High Resolution Twin Controller, PIC 18F2520, has a rich set of commands that can solve most tasks needed to control the motor and position sensor. Before you start programming your own controller, we can easily modify or add new command features to the controller fast and easy. The modification can be made both as a firmware change only, or as a part of a customized controller, with the interface you need. This will allow you to fully focus on the applications firmware, and you will get a secure path for further integration.

Two motors – one driver
Our platforms are easily configured, if required, with an additional motor of the same stator diameter for enhanced prototyping possibilities.

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High Resolution Twin Motor Kit - Lead Screw  | PCBMotor High Resolution Twin Motor Kit  | PCBMotor 60mm Diameter Stator - 40mm Through Hole | PCBMotor 70mm PCBMotor w/200-Line Encoder
30mm PCBMotor w/100-Line Encoder 20mm PCBMotor w/100-Line Encoder Start Kit (30 mm) | PCBMotor


While you might initially think our stator designs look ‘simple‘, in reality they’re a little bit more complex.

These instruments are perfect for research or when you start analyzing stators as either a part of your development project, or part of your production quality process.

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