How to Develop with PCBMotor

Rapid Prototyping

Save valuable time and resources and quickly develop your prototype with an integrated PCBMotor solution. Whether you need a standard or customized solution, our rapid prototyping phase is

Prototyping: Analysis, Modeling, & Schematic

Prototyping: Analysis, Modeling, & Schematic

geared towards optimizing development time and assisting where we can:

Engineering Consultancy, PCBMotor
Requirement Specification, Your project team
Prototype Solution, PCBMotor

Our promise

  • Free engineering “kick-start” consultancy
  • Professional engineering expertise and project management
  • To sharpen up your project/product requirements specification
  • A “No cure, no pay” development incentive
  • A shorter path to NPI and product launch date

What If We Took On Your Technology & Project Risks?

We’ve worked on many prototyping projects and know what to avoid when employing a new technology.
During this stage, we’ll work together with your application engineers and project team – from the pre-development assessment and requirement specifications phase and onwards.
You decide the level of our involvement and how, and when, you want to use our engineering expertise.
We’ll then work together on integrating our motor solution into your application’s design and on developing a prototype that fully meets all your needs.

Our Guarantee: No cure. No pay!

We’re so convinced that our technology will meet your needs, that we’re offering a ‘no cure, no pay’ incentive. If we don’t meet the requirements outlined in the pre-development phase, you don’t have to pay. It’s that simple!

Send Us Your Specs

kick-off your application prototype with a free engineering assessment.