From Prototype To New Product Introduction

How to Deploy and Produce

From prototype to new product introduction

For the best and most effective way forward into volume production, PCBMotor can help make this transition easier, faster and less risky. Discover how we can help decrease assembly costs and improve production quality.

Our promise

  • Decreased assembly time  to  2 seconds/motor
  • Improved accuracy and quality of the final product
  • Eliminates errors and mistakes due to “the human factor”

Reduce Manufacturing Time & Assembly Costs

Integration and automation are the real ‘gains’ when manufacturing a product with PCBMotor technology.
Regardless of the number of motors your application uses, a PCBMotor solution integrates the mechanics and electronics in one place – right on the PCB. This means there’s fewer components which lowers the bill of materials.

We’ve also managed to remove the manual assembly processes that are otherwise inherent when assembling electromagnetic motors and their components.

Our award-winning motor technology removes all the labor-intensive tasks such as physically assembling components, parts and soldering wires. Instead, we offer fully-automated processes using cutting edge pick-and-place machinery.

Accelerate Your Product’s Time-to-Market

Our goal is to help you improve your project launch date so that you can start marketing, and selling, your product ahead of your competitors.

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