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Optical motorized rotary stage with a 22 mm free Hollow center PCBMotor w/200-Counts Encoder.


A Complete Testing Environment

The kit is controlled by  the High Resolution Twin Motor driver which achieves up to 2.6 million micropulses per revolution in open-loop mode.

Driver-motor connectivity is a standard ribbon cable and the kit comes complete with a power/USB cables and  free PC Terminal Emulator  software - Termite.

See the hollow center rotor in action on our Youtube channel as well as  the controller interface and how to use micro-pulsing to acheive ultra-high resolution.

Technical Features

  • Ø30 mm stator
  • Ø22 mm free Hollow center hole (Beam space)
  • Index sensor for home position
  • Normal position sensor which can detect 200 counts per revolution. The stator is a standard Ø30mm.
  • The central bearing will have a bore of Ø25mm
    • You can use the bearing for mounting your device (filter, mirror, lens, whatever, but low weight)
  • The base plate is  62mmx42mm
  • Possible to daisy chain from Motor 1 to motor 2
  • High Resolution  Twin Controller, the controller  can drive two motors through multiplexing
  • USB I/F 5V and 500mA (max)
  • USB Cable included.
  • Free Terminate Emulator software
  • Torque estimated to ~5Nmm
  • Speed at 23 RPM at 3.5V DC and 450mA

Sized To Fit Your Application

If your project requires an open center that uses a different diameter, contact us now and let us help you customize a Through-Hole Deveice PCBMotor solution for your application.



Termite - Termite (2)





  • hollow_center_front-1433936034-jpg
  • hollow_center_rear-1433936034-jpg
  • 2x30mm-hollow-center-20mm-1433936034-png
  • controller-1441637350-jpg
  • controller-two-motor-1441637350-jpg

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