Are there any options if I need a smaller control driver footprint?

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Yes. The transformers we use in our control drivers can handle the power requirements for our full motor range.

When dealing with the smaller versions of PCBMotors, there is room for optimization of the transformer size. This requires careful redesign, as the transformers – apart from stepping up the voltage – also act as inductors that, together with the piezo capacitance, comprise a resonance circuit.

The frequency of this electrical circuit needs to match the mechanical resonance frequency of the stator for maximum motor performance.
If you want to follow this path for optimization please contact PCBMotor for more technical information.

Another option is to consider designing an ASIC integrating some of the control driver components into one IC. NRE for this will of course depend on the technology chosen, project complexity, timeframe and so on.7

If space around the motor is an issue, a third option could be to split up the driver placing only transformers and FET’s close to the motor, and placing the rest in a less constrained area. With this cut, the interface cable only transfers low current/low voltage signals.

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