A piezo motor application for manufacturers of precision instrument clusters, meters, interior displays & panels. For engineers, designers, product managers in the automotive, aviation, instrumentation industries. A digital gauge motor offering

  • more design options and flexibility at your fingertips
  • reduction in costs of materials and assembly
  • the ability to capture market share and increase profit

Reduce the dimensions and manufacturing costs of your applications LOWER OVERALL BUILDING HEIGHT Reducing the dimensions means the PCBMotor Gauge is significantly thinner and lighter (roughly 5 mm and 8 g) , so designers and engineers get greater design flexibility through having a more compact solution in their applications. FEWER COMPONENTS

  1. Lowers both the cost of materials and manufacturing assembly costs.
  2. Stator, single-sided construction
  3. Needle bearing
  4. Rotor, spring-loaded, pointer & codewheel

AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY Fully-automated, simpler assembly means faster production and reduced costs compared with competing technologies with manual processes PRECISION RESOLUTION AND HOLDING TORQUE WITHOUT POWER The PCBMotor Gauge doesn’t compromise on performance and delivers cutting-edge, high-resolution performance and the required speed and torque for smooth movement and fast start-stop actions.



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