The 2.6 Million High Resolution Twin Motor Kit includes a main motor board, placed upon a controller board, and free PCBMotor software for speedy integration and application prototyping.

The High Resolution Twin Motor Kit board is connected to a PC and powered by a standard USB cable. It communicates through a simple protocol that allows custom-made software to quickly and easily access and control both ultrasonic motors.

The standard configuration consists of a main motor board with two 25 mm PCBMotors with digital 200/400/800 digital encoders, and a high resolution twin motor controller.

Output from the motors is achievable by using either the standard 4 mm axel, accessible by the bottom of the main board, or through a direct connection to the top of the rotor using the screws provided.

* Update: Now with 800 Steps/Revolution

Now an even higher resolution is possible with the High Resolution Twin Motor kit. By using both channels in the Avago position sensor, a resolution of 800 steps/revolution can be obtained.

The source code has also been modified to utilize the new 800-step resolution feature and is included with the Twin Motor can be downloaded online.

Standard configuration for the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit

  • The main motor board consists of two 25 mm PCBMotor
  • 200/400/800 step digital encoder for coarse positioning
  • Controller
  • Over 2,600,000 resolutions per revolution with open loop micropulsing twin motor controller
  • On-board Opto switches for motor selection
  • 200 full, 400 half or 800 quarter step Avago position sensor (user controlled settings)
  • Interface
    • USB connector for PC control and power supply
  • Output
    • Ø25.4 mm top rotor discs with 2 mm holes for top-mounted devices
    • Rear end 4 mm steel shaft with a 2 mm internal thread for extensions
  • Software
    • Free PC controller software
 PCBMotors with Encoders

Read more about our PCBMotors with Encoders - now available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm diameters.


1. See the kit in action
Click on the video below to see how the kit in action, its smooth movement and fast start/stop actions.

2. PCBMotor software video - How to program a PCBMotor Twin Motor Kit - and discover how to program and test the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit and experience multiplexing and accurate, real-time positioning of two, on-board motors.


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