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1 piece 30 mm motor with 200 steps encoder,  position sensor and High Resolution controller kit driver.


This rapid prototyping environment combines all the benefits of ultra-high positioning in a compact and low-profile design.

Utilizing the same high-resolution controller as our Twin Motor kit, application engineers and designers can take advantage of and experience our record-breaking 2.6 million steps per revolution as well as full holding torque in power-off mode and a host of other features.

The 30 mm PCBMotor platform comes complete with a 200 encoder and a Fairchild position sensor.

The high-resolution controller is easily connected to a PC and powered by a standard USB cable. It communicates through a simple protocol that allows its custom-made software to quickly and easily access and control the motor. The high-resolution driver has built-in frequency tracking to automatically adjust the output for optimum performance according to motor size, operation temperature and load.


Two Motors - One Driver

If required, developers can add a second motor (of the same size) to this environment. The second motor is connected by a ‘daisy chain’ to the first motor and both are seamlessly controlled by the same driver and software.

If you require a system with fast switching between different-sized or simultaneously-operated motors, we recommend using a separate driver for each motor.


  • 30 mm stator PCB, mounted with piezo components
  • Complete 30 mm PCBMotor with 200 step encoder
  • USB connection cable
  • Driver-motor connection cable
  • Free Terminal Emulator  software




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