Integrating Movement and Electronics

PCBMotor specializes in designing ultrasonic piezoelectric motors for motion control systems and electronic applications requiring rotational movement. 
We're leading the way in low-profile, rotary motor application designs once technically and economically impossible. Our piezo motors are smaller, lighter and cost significantly less to produce.


Lead screw High Resolution Twin Motor for remote reconfiguration of microwave filter solutionsCheck out INSIGHT, our brand-new technology information website with new and updated content, data and white papers as well as application specific solutions...


1. Remotely reconfiguring microwave filters
2. Hollow center motors for optical devices


Evaluation Kits




Start KitThe 30mm Start Kit is a piezoelectric motor & designed to get you testing our PCBMotor technology instantly. It includes a driver PCB.
€109 excl. VAT

Available 30mm with 100 lines encoder, this kit is designed to get you testing our PCBMotor technology instantly.

Hollow Center kit
PCBMotor Hollow Center Kit€390 Excl.VAT

30 mm diamter Hollow Center Stator with a 22 mm free-center PCBMotor w/200-Counts Encoder..

In The News

Lead screw twin-motor prototype development kit: PCBMotor's High Resolution Filter Motor

Reconfigurable Filters
PCBMotor announce a revolutionary solution that enables wireless communication networks to remotely reconfigure deployed filters...
Press release...


Motion control twin-motor prototype development: PCBMotor's High Resolution Motor Twin Demo Kit

4 Ways to Increase Profits

Discover how our motors with encoder and position sensors can lower costs and solve high resolution and low speed motion control dilemmas.
Press release...

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We will review the white paper as you recommended and thanks for the support.... — More...

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