PCBMotor technology allows for practical any size of free aperture, and at the same time offer design freedom for shape and size which fit your dimension criteria such as Square, Round, Hexagon, triangle or something completely different, still providing a low profile.

Standard evaluation kit fit 25mm or 1-inch optical elements and can with ease be fitted to different size of optics.
PCBMotor piezo electric optical hollow center motors can be used as a standalone device, in pairs or arrays, where the optical elements need to be placed close to each other (down to 0.5mm), either as a back-to-back, or as dual inside solution. A dual inside solution consists of two motors where mechanics from one motor is mounted inside larger mechanics from a second motor.

It is of course also possible to mount several motors on same PCB with specific center to center distance, angular rotation, or specific pattern that fit your specifications.

PCBMotor’s piezo motors has an inherent high resolution and can operate in both open and closed loop. For closed loop operation practical any kind of encoders and sensors can be implemented with the PCBMotor to provide the level of precision required. Optical reflective encoder and sensors (with 300 LPI) are used as standard and a Ø40mm encoder can deliver up 5760 steps for one rotation equal to 0.0625 degree.
PCBMotors High Resolution controller can either be integrated with the motor in one small form factor, or the high-resolution controller can with multiplexing control 8 motors. The multiplexing principle can be extended to any number of motors.

PCBMotor’s are easy to get started with for test and evaluation purpose and lead the way for volume production since PCBMotor’s are well suited for built-in motion control devices, due to flexible design and easy electrical interface.



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