New Solution for Remotely Reconfiguring Microwave Filters

PCBMotor ApS, ultrasonic piezoelectric motor manufacturers, announce a revolutionary solution that enables wireless communication networks to remotely reconfigure deployed radio frequency (RF) filters and duplexers, lower their operational costs and offer more flexible services.High Resolution Twin Motor Kit - Lead Screw

World-wide access to radio frequencies is an essential requirement for users of wireless communications – particularly aviation, shipping, defense services, public safety, broadcasting, broadband access and mobile radio. Network carriers have an increasing need to manage their networks remotely and are demanding reconfigurable filters and duplexers.

“Manageable filters, deployed with a PCBMotor, add flexibility to network providers and mean huge cost savings. Now carriers don’t have to install new hardware and transport technicians to far-away locations. Our technology handles all that remotely via an IP address,” says Henrik Staehr-Olsen, CEO at PCBMotor.


PCBMotor’s solution is a small, high-precision motor enabling filters and duplexers to be remotely controlled and to maintain their position when power is off.

On top of direct drive without slack, low building height, multiplexing of multiple motors and accuracy up to 1 micron, the big gains available to network carriers, according to PCBMotor, are: 1. Ability to change frequencies after deployment (remotely) 2. Once integrated, filter frequencies can be reconfigured in the field by technicians 3. Fully-automated production so filters can be pre-set to required frequencies

Filter Engineers looking to learn more can download a white paper titled How to Improve Network Utilization and Save Costly Field Trips by Remotely Reconfiguring RF and Microwave Filters.

The paper reveals how filter engineers, manufacturers and carriers who need to reconfigure remotely-located antennas can now deploy filters with a slimline PCBMotor and centrally manage them without sending technicians into the field.


The PCBMotor ‘lead screw motor innovation’ makes it possible to automate production of pre-set frequency filters, which later can be deployed and easily reconfigured either centrally or on-site.

“We adapted our standard ultrasonic piezomotor platform and mechanically engineered a new way of moving the lead screws to adjust frequencies in filters & duplexers,” adds Henrik.


PCBMotor’s SMD-component uses fewer parts and materials, lowers assembly costs and offers significant long-term results to network providers serious about decreasing costs. “We’re continually improving our production processes and adding real value to our customers’ solutions,” says Henrik Staehr-Olsen, CEO of PCBMotor ApS.



Based in Denmark, PCBMotor’s patented technology integrates highly-accurate ultrasonic piezo electric motors mounted directly onto a printed circuit board.

Their award-winning innovation significantly reduces manufacturing costs and introduces a host of new design possibilities while using standardized components and well-established assembly techniques.

PCBMotor sell their technology to precision motion control application developers and engineers in industries spanning the telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, marine, lenses, optics and lasers, and healthcare.

PCBMotor won the EE Times Sixth ACE Awards, Editors’ Choice, in 2010 and were runners-up in 2009.


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