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  1. Take advantage of our free consultancy offer

If you’re not ready to commit and still unsure whether or not a PCBMotor is right for your project or application, we understand. There’s a lot to consider and you need to be 100% sure about all the details.

So, why not ask us?
Sign-up for a free 30-minute Consulting Service and find out if and how a PCBMotor solution can benefit your application.

Email Henrik at hso@pcbmotor.com to book a session today.

  1. 6-month money back guarantee

    We’re so convinced that our High Resolution Twin Motor Kit will make a difference to your application and end product, that we’re offering a no-strings attached, money-back guarantee.money back

And if it doesn’t work in your implementation…no problem! Simply explain why it didn’t meet your expectations and we’ll reimburse you the full amount when we receive the kit.

This kind of feedback is invaluable to us, and often instrumental in improving our kits – and ultimately your applications – in the long run. Email info@pcbmotor.com for the process.

  1. Give us a call

    As usual we’re always here to answer any questions. Contact Henrik on +45 7028 3210 or at info@pcbmotor.com with any questions.

Property Rights/Disclaimer

This is a controlled document containing proprietary information for PCBMotor ApS.
PCBMotor ApS also holds the copyright to the document.

If you wish to share the information in this document with parties outside your company, please contact us at info@pcbmotor.com. In the absence of an agreement with us, we reserve the right to charge a fee for any unauthorized distribution.

You should also be aware that some of the processes described in the document may be or may become subject to patent protection. If you purchase piezo ceramic components from PCBMotor ApS, you will have our permission to use such purchased components to manufacture PCB motors. PCBMotor ApS’ General Terms, available at www.pcbmotor.com, also apply to any such purchases, as well as any other purchases of products or services from us.

Kits for evaluation, development and other kits and equipment are supplied for professional use by skilled engineers in laboratories only. PCBMotor ApS disclaims any liability for damages to or caused by such kits. If you are in doubt after having read the instructions provided, please contact us at info@pcbmotor.com or +45 7028 3210.


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