Utilize our engineering expertise for free

If you would like to discuss the benefits of and highlight any potential risks involved in employing a PCBMotor in relation to your specific project, we offer a free 30-minute Consulting Service to help you get started.

The session is conducted by telephone with you and your top engineers and PCBMotor’s CTO and former Intel Fellow, Mr. Eivind Johansen.

Rest assured, the session will be a technical consultation and not a sales presentation.

Its sole purpose is to answer your technical questions and to objectively determine whether or not a PCBMotor is the right solution for your application.

Mr. Johansen will be donating top-notch engineering expertise and experience in the allotted time, so there is a strict 30-minute time limit. All we ask is that you answer some preliminary questions about the application you’re developing prior to the session.

Write to Henrik Staehr-Olsen at hso@pcbmotor.com today to schedule a session. We’ll reply immediately to set up a date and send you the preliminary questions. Depending on our workload, sessions are normally held within 5-10 working days of receiving your request.


We understand your challenges. Your electronic applications need to be even slimmer, lighter and simpler. They have to achieve increasingly-high resolution levels and need to be able to maintain holding torque and position. Production needs to be faster and cheaper.

An alternative, high resolution motor for electronic movement solutions is available.
It’s the PCBMotor…

PCBMotors empower your applications with:

  • High resolution and low speed requirements
  • Inherent (static) holding torque – even when switched-off
  • Electronic industry-standard components & fully-automated manufacturing techniques

PCBMotors offer:

  • Accurate and powerful motors directly onto the PCB
  • More compact and slimmer designs (down to a height of a few millimeters)
  • Fewer mechanical systems and components
  • Lower overall unit costs

Isn’t this something your design team should be looking into?

We’ve launched our latest product – the High Resolution Twin Motor Kit – if you’re looking for multiple motors with multiplexing based on electronic industry-wide standards and assembly technologies. Read more our latest twin-motor technology on our website.

Our free 30-minute Consulting Service is designed with your specific project or application in mind. Answer a few preliminary questions and book a technical session with one of our top engineers today.

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