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Optical motorized rotary stage with C-Mount and 19 mm free Hollow center PCBMotor w/200-Counts Encoder.

Specifications for Rotary stage

  • Dimensions: 72*50*30mm
  • C-Mount threading for mounting optical objects,
  • Free Aperture Ø20mm
  • Driver included and inside box with USB connection for data and power,Max 5V and max 500mA
  • Accuracy 200 steps for one revolution
    Index mark for home position
  • High resolution in open loop
    Speed typical 180 degree / second

Other configurations and implemetations are possible in customization project, such as:

  • For instance higher accuracy 1440, 2880 or 5760 step / revolution or even higher if need be
  • Multiplexing driver to control 8 motors,
  • OEM versions - without box and application implemented driver option is also possible

If your project requires an open center that uses a different diameter, contact us now and let us help you customize a Through-Hole Deveice PCBMotor solution for your application.



Termite  Down load fromCompuphase

or get the SW here (Zip file) termite-3.4


  • hollow-c-mount-motor-in-box-front-scaled-jpg
  • hollow-c-mount-motor-in-box-front_through-hole-scaled-jpg

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