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  • PCBMotor Gauge - Instrument Cluster - Meters


    A piezo motor application for manufacturers of precision instrument clusters, meters, interior displays & panels. For engineers, designers, product managers in the automotive, aviation, instrumentation industries. A digital gauge motor offering more design options and flexibility at your fin...

  • Hollow center solution


    Possibilities: PCBMotor technology allows for practical any size of free aperture, and at the same time offer design freedom for shape and size which fit your dimension criteria such as Square, Round, Hexagon, triangle or something completely different, still providing a low profile. Standard ev...

  • 30mm StartKit ver3

    How many ?

     Newest version of 30 mm diameter stator Start Kit for evaluating PCBMotor technology. Includes motor, driver electronics and 200 lines full step encoder and position sensor. The 30 mm diameter Start Kit is designed to get you testing our PCBMotor technology instantly. The new version can be op...