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30 mm diameter  Stator with a 22 mm free Hollow center PCBMotor w/2880-Counts Encoder. Hardware support for 1440 & 5760 counts per revolution.

A Complete Testing Environment

The kit is controlled by  the High Resolution Twin Motor driver which achieves up to 2.6 million micropulses per revolution in open-loop mode.

Driver-motor connectivity is a standard ribbon cable and the kit comes complete with a power/USB cables and our own free PC controller software - TwinMotorLab.

The software provided includes a comprehensive help section with setup, micropulsing and programming tips to get users up and running immediately.

See the hollow center rotor in action on our Youtube channel as well as  the controller interface and how to use micro-pulsing to acheive ultra-high resolution.

Technical Features

  • Ø30 mm stator
  • Ø22 mm free Hollow center hole (Beam space)
  • Index sensor for home position
  • Normal position sensor which can detect 2880 counts per revolution.  There is hardware support for 1440 counts and for 5760 counts as well.
  • The stator is  a standard Ø30mm.
  • The central bearing  have a bore of Ø25mm
    • You can use the bearing for mounting your device (filter, mirror, lens, whatever, but low weight)
  • The base plate is 62mmx42mm
  • Possible to daisy chain from Motor 1 to motor 2
  • High Resolution  Twin Controller, the controller  can drive two motors through multiplexing
  • USB I/F 5V and 500mA (max)
  • USB Cable included.
  • Free PC software and Terminate Emulator
  • Torque estimated to ~5Nmm
  • Speed at 23 RPM at 3.5V DC and 450mA

Sized To Fit Your Application

If your project requires an open center that uses a different diameter, contact us now and let us help you customize a Through-Hole Deveice PCBMotor solution for your application.




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