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The Lab Kit is the right instruments when you start analyzing stators no matter if it is part of your development project, or part of your production quality process.

Same as Lab Kit Basic with the addition of 3 stators of your choice and a bonus free consultation.


The Lab Kit Standard gives you everything you need to get started using the PCBMotor technology along with the added flexibility of 3 extra stators and a 30min support certificate. 

The Lab Kit Development Box v4 that comes with the kit (in conjunction with the free LabKit v5.3 software), gives you full control over your PCBMotor through sweeps/start and stop/tracking/advanced movement sequences, and a built-in ability to measure the DC-supply current to the motor driver - perfect for measuring motor characteristics.

This kit also comes with a pre-built and tested PCBMotor, so it'll be up and running quickly and your team can focus on integrating it into your product.

For further information about how we can help your project's development cycle, see How We Work, in the top menu.

BONUS: 1 Consultancy Certificate of 30 minutes - value 100 Euros


  • 1 Lab Kit Development Box.
  • 1 PCBMotor  (30 mm diameter stator mounted with Piezo's and a rotor, with axle and bearings, placed on a built-up platform).
  • 1 5V adapter (100-240 V).
  • 1 Consultancy certificate of 30 min.
  • 3 Stators of your choice (assembled and tested).
Use the menu below to choose your stators. If you only pick one size, we'll ship 3 of that size to you. If you choose 2 sizes we'll ship a combination of those 2 sizes.


Installation Software - LabKit v53b


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